Welcome to Shermans Creek - A Murder Mystery by Ronald A. Hopkins

Shermans Creek
A Redneck Murder Mystery
Ronald A. Hopkins
As two high powered attorneys working for an influential New England power company are explaining the benefits of building a power plant on Shermans Creek, a pair of camouflage clad rednecks interrupt the meeting and shotgun the lawyers to death in front of the crowd. Then they disappear into the woods of Perry County. FBI Agent Jim Slade is brought in to find the killers and bring them to justice. His main suspect is a redneck named Harry Land.

Land, a recovering alcoholic, strikes a chord with Agent Slade, whose own beloved father was a longtime member of AA. Land convinces Slade of his own innocence, but persuades the FBI agent to investigate a larger conspiracy which includes bribery, intimidation and murder. This unlikely pair team up to uncover the series of crimes connected to the building of the power plant, while fighting against political intrigue and threats against them and their families. The justice they seek against all odds would satisfy the small piece of redneck in everyone, while saving a stream called Shermans Creek. Some of the most powerful people in the country will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen.